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Kids Boxfit & Kid Boxfit PLUS
Family Boxfit

What is Kid Boxfit/ Family Boxfit=KID BOXFIT is an introduction to boxing for ages 4 to 10 where emphasis is placed on correct boxing and exercise positioning, various exercises and FUN.

Children are put through a series of movements and activities to strengthen not only their physical but mental wellbeing. Social and emotional wellbeing, problem solving, games targeted to enhance peripheral vision, reflexes, hand eye coordination, muscular strength, stamina, cardio work out all disguised in the form of fun.

​Family Boxfit is for and about you and your child engaging in and having fun in an exercise fun environment creating a fun bond.

Kids Boxfit & Kid Boxfit PLUS
Family Boxfit

You can
1. Buy a block session then book your class

2. Pay for a single Kids boxfit session then book your class

3. Book your class online then pay when you arrive

Kids Boxfit PLUS allows a parent to use the gym any time their childs membership is active.
Kid Boxfit PLUS costs £27.00 per child. Boxfit PLUS saves you £8.00

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