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Stronger Together

Ten Count Boxing Gym CIO
proudly funded through the
Community Investment fund
by Stoke on Trent city council. 

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Hubb and SPACE

We are proudly in affiliation with the Hubb and SPACE programs.

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Who Doesn’t Love a Treat?

How about a FREE family trip to Wales courtesy of
Ten Count Boxing CIO!!

All you need to bring are your items for the day as we provide




-Bus to and from


-Treat for the kids


Private and confidential chat

Private and confidential chat with one of our mental health advocates, either over the phone or at the gym. TCB is about feeding both the body and mind.
We understand in order to start, continue and maintain a healthy way of living it is beneficial to be in good mental health.
Our mental health advocates are here for you, for a chat, action plan, help in gaining access to the right services and for a good natter.
All strictly private and confidential.
Get in touch as we are here for you.

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Holding Hands

For more details

In short,  Round 1 started as a programme targeted for young people who are at risk of offending or school exclusion that uses boxing as its main element as it is not only a great way to improve the young person's physical fitness but a way to challenge their mind. It is now for anyone who is at risk of offending, becoming excluded or who have been excluded from school or society because of special educational / behavioural needs/ social needs and confidence issues. Any child who is struggling in any way and who needs an outlet or a purpose

Sale Branding

Ten Count Loyalty points

Earn for booking in to the system, Booking your class,

purchases and

logging in to the system.

Earn points for discounts on sessions, purchases and free stuff.

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