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Thank you for your enquiry


The Vodafone FREE SIM offer is available to anyone of our Ten Count Boxing Gym CIO (TCB) members who need or will use the SIM to benefit or help their lives. Offer subject to availability. Once all Free SIMS are allocated notice will be posted on Facebook


What you will receive

20GB of data (roll over from previous month only)

Unlimited UK calls

Unlimited texts

6 months FREE contract with Vodafone

All data re set at the end of the 30-day period


What TCB needs from you

-An honest statement in the survey as to why you want or need the FREE SIM

-A follow up response via email or phone (whichever you agree to) in MARCH 2023 stating what difference having the card made in your life or how having the card impacted on you.


Please note

By agreeing to accept the SIM you agree to providing TCB with the details presented above in the What we need from you section and all TCB terms and conditions.  

The FREE SIM cards will be allocated randomly so there is no guarantee of a card. If you are unsuccessful, once all cards are allocated, you will be put in a draw to receive one weeks FREE entry to TCB.

See below FREE entry to TCB prize draw for details

Offer subject to availability. Once all Free SIMS are allocated notice will be posted on Facebook and this site

TCB terms and conditions

  1. The contract starts the first day you /recipient / winner use the SIM card and the contract ends 6 months from the date you /recipient / winner first used the SIM card

  2. You /recipient / winner must be 18 years or older to obtain the FREE SIM however you /recipient / winner is responsible for the cards usage if given by consent to a minor you /recipient / winner hold responsibility for.

  3. On the start of the contract, all Vodafone rules and conditions apply and all TCB affiliation ends.

  4. The SIM card CAN NOT be sold. The FREE SIM can not be given away to anyone without TCB consent.

  5. There will be monitoring to check the phone is being used by you /recipient / winner TCB has given the FREE SIM to. If it is found the phone is not being used by you /recipient / winner it has been registered to, the contract will be terminated, and the SIM will be deactivated.

  6. We at TCB hold no responsibility once you /recipient / winner have taken ownership of the FREE SIM. All and any issues with the SIM once you /recipient / winner have taken the card from TCB will be between you /recipient / winner/ the registered owner and vodafone.

  7. We at TCB hold no responsibility for any damage caused, any issues created, any loss established from use of the FREE SIM card received and will not be liable for any damage sought from or by use of the FREE SIM.

  8. If incorrect personal details are provided by you /recipient / winner, the FREE SIM card will be deactivated immediately.

  9. All details of any changes and rules will be posted on our Facebook page and this website.

  10. It is the customers / your /the recipients / winner responsibility to make sure they are aware of any changes of rules for this giveaway, any incorrect contact details, communicating with TCB and keeping TCB informed of any of the above rules.


TCB promise to you

  • Your /recipient / winners details will be held in a secure location (server)

  • Your /recipient / winners details will only be given to VODAFONE should you /recipient / winner be randomly requested (by Vodafone) and only if you are picked. We will let you know if you have been selected

  • Your /recipient / winners details will not be given to ANYONE other than Vodafone as per above and will not be sold to anyone.

  • Your /recipient / winners details will be deleted from our system on or before MARCH 2023

FREE entry to TCB prize draw     

  1. Applies ONLY to survey members who were unsuccessful in obtaining a FREE Vodafone SIM whether they requested or not. SIM winners cannot be a part of the free week prize draw.

  2. Prize can NOT be exchanged for cash or any other TCB membership

  3. Prize cannot be used in parts. Needs to run concurrently -start and end within seven days

  4. Prize expires one month from date received by recipient/winner.

  5. TCB reserves the right to substitute or withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

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