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What is ROUND 1?

ROUND 1 is a FREE weekly youth session structured in a non combative way, meaning the young person is made to feel welcome and not punished while they engage in selected activities to encourage a more positive perspective.

ROUND 1 uses boxing as its main element as it is not only a great way to improve the young person's physical fitness but a way to challenge their mind.
The strategies taught with ROUND 1 help the young person to challenge themselves with areas such as problem solving and thinking outside the box.
ROUND 1 uses boxing as its backbone to help establish routine, self discipline, goal accomplishment while gaining self confidence, self awareness and self esteem within the young person.
ROUND 1 is a safe place for the young person to chat about their mental health or anything they need. Sometimes just a chat is needed, an ear to off load on.
We will offer support to work alone and as part of a team to complete tasks allowing the young person to be able to talk to different types of people and personalities and learn how to deal with them. We will be supporting them to be able to calm a situation. They will learn boxing techniques and basic human anatomy and how exercise is most effective and the correct way to engage.

What is ROUND 1?

Programme aim:
-gaining leadership skills
-participants to develop a social media campaign to encourage others into the gym or onto the programme.
mentoring -participants also become mentors after the programme by encouraging others to join and get involved
-volunteering opportunities (within the gym)
-reducing crime and antisocial behaviour
Interested, email, pop in to the gym or ask a Ten Count staff member for more details.

Who can benefit from this program?
Children 8 years and onwards who are at risk of offending, becoming excluded or who have been excluded from school or society because of special educational / behavioural needs/ social needs.
Any child who is struggling in any way and who needs an outlet or a purpose.

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