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Ten Count Fitness Staff
Meet the team

All our instructors are 

  1. Amateur coaches for England Boxing levels 1 and 2.

  2. All trained in first aid & safeguarding.


Max Maxwell

Gym Owner

Boxing and Personal Trainer

Gym Instructor

Group Trainer (beginner and Advanced)

Strength and Conditioning coach

When you’re looking for professionalism, dedication and motivation, look no further than Max Maxwell. As our Manager, we can’t think of anyone better in the Stoke/ Birmingham area to make your experience as enjoyable.

From teaching kids the fundamental boxing techniques in a fun way that puts emphasis on fitness to 1-2-1 boxing training catered to your skill set and need to gruelling take you to the limit circuit classes were no class is the same, Max's thrive for excellence is ever apparent.

Lee Jones Jr

Gym Owner/ Boxing Trainer/ SEN Instructor

Lee runs our SEN classes where he crafts a fun, specialised session for our SEN kids respecting their abilities. 

Lee unfortunately is not readily available for 1-2-1 sessions having to manage his comedy clubs but you can still visit him for the best night of laughter here.


Bev Lownds

Lady Shape Instructor / Personal Trainer

I started as a gym member who decided to make a lifestyle change. I always dreamt of being a trainer but mild depression held me back. Once I started attending the gym, my mental state shifted and my self confidence was given a boost. It was like medicine for building my confidence not just with my body appearance but mostly my mind set.

With both the help, support of the Ten count team and my own new found determination, I worked my way to becoming a trainer and now having my own classes.

I am very proud of my achievements in fitness and my association with the Ten count team who supported me. I am available for 1-2-1 consultations at any time during the week. I am personable, encouraging with a keen eye for detail that allows me to map the best plan to attain your best goals. Check out the lady shapes page for more details

Wayne Finnerty


I have been involved in boxing since age 12. As an amateur boxer, I had over 30 fights and became County Champion, gaining wins against a National Champion.


My last fight was a charity match, proof ‘I could still do it’ as I won that bout in my forties. I attribute that to the core training and discipline I learnt from my years in boxing. 

Following this, I jumped at the opportunity of becoming a Boxing Coach with 10 Count Boxing Gym.

I have now been coaching for 7 years and have gained England Boxing Level  1 and Level 2 Coaching Qualifications.


I knew I always wanted to give back to the sport that I loved as a youngster and my passion now lies within helping and supporting our boxers to gain confidence, face their fears and achieve their potential through hard work, determination and dedication.



Paula DeMichele

Site Admin / Gym Manager

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