Boxercise13 for kids under 13 years

The classes are for children up to the age of 13 who are not yet ready to transition to amateur boxing or who do not want to box but enjoy boxing exercises.

The class will include basic boxing techniques and focus on exercise and fun. There will be no sparring or boxing other than on the bags as part of the exercise program. Games to help with coordination, balance team work when the numbers are there and a whole body work out.

The cost is £4 per class or £10 for the month (which is 4 classes at a discount.)

You will need to register on our website or download our app so you can pay and we can stay in touch. Should a class needs to be cancelled you will be notified via either system. Once the classes are confirmed there will be a section for you to pay for your class, please do not pay anything yet.

ROUND 1 Starting March 21st
The FREE programme includes:
-weekly youth sessions
-engaging in positive activities
-mentoring (your coaches are the mentors, participants can also become mentors after the programme by encouraging others to join and get involved)
-a social action project (participants to come up with an event or activity that will benefit the community, suggested at the end of the programme)
-For children 8 onwards who are excluded from school or society because of special educational/behavioural needs, pupils at risk of offending, or becoming excluded.

Programme aim:
-gaining leadership skills
-participants to develop a social media campaign to encourage others into the gym or onto the programme.
mentoring -participants also become mentors after the programme by encouraging others to join and get involved
-volunteering opportunities (within the gym)
-reducing crime and antisocial behaviour
Interested, email, pop in to the gym or ask a Ten Count staff member for more details.


Treat yourself or your friends and family with a gift card to Ten Count Gym. 2 year expire date

Ten count Fight club.....Thursdays from 7:30pm

Warm up, gum shield in, head guard on, spar.
Open to all including none members (£5 PAYG).
All levels and abilities welcome for open sparring sessions.
Bring your sparring kit, plenty of water and plenty of energy.

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£1 Weekend

£1.00 for 3 hours gym time on the weekend